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This blog is a copy of the journal I kept while dating my husband Timothy Kieswetter. Each entry is precisely what I wrote as a newly in-love 20 year old. I invite you to view my journey because it's beautiful.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Maturer level of maturity

4 March 2002

Timothy and I just spent some great time together! First, he told me that we must step onto a maturer level of maturity in our relationship... where we kiss less and chat/visit more. I totally had thought the same thing but as I prayed, God is causing him to take the lead in the relationship; setting the purity and integrity standard also!

So we just talked and laughed (squeezed biscuits into our mouths) and jumped on the trampoline and enjoyed each others' company.

He realized that he has been struggling with his thoughts a lot. It is an attack from the devil after his fast. But what is spurring it on is our kissing sessions. His adrenaline/hormones get kicked into gear and then when he is away from me, his mind fills in the gaps. If you know what I mean. So, the fact that he is leaving to the Argus tomorrow and that I won't see him for 8 days is probably from the Lord!
God timing!

Sms from Tim

"Hooglied 4:7"
(It says: 'All beautiful you are 
my darling. There is no flaw in you.')
8 March 2002

"Ek bid dat jy vir altyd
myne sal wees en ek joune."
10 March 2002

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