The Invitation

This blog is a copy of the journal I kept while dating my husband Timothy Kieswetter. Each entry is precisely what I wrote as a newly in-love 20 year old. I invite you to view my journey because it's beautiful.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Saved by an SMS

30 July 2002

Last night at Tim's house, for the first time, we went physically too far, out of control. Not sex really, because we both had all our clothes on, but it felt very good! Tim still didn't touch me where he may not, but we were still very aroused! Foreplay, I know. Aunty Rhona sent an sms 12:30 at night! Just to hear how we were doing. It helped Tim to ask me to say stop! He had to ask three times before I said stop! I'm kinda disappointed in myself but it was too good to regret it.

Now Tim and I have made new boundaries: no kissing on the tummy. (Which was - I may not say divine - fantastic!) Tim said we got a warning; we don't want to step on a landmine. Now we put up red tape to guard against it happening again: don't visit alone at home. His parents once said to him that if we find it too hard, we should rather get married sooner. Shockingly, I don't feel guilty. Just kind of surprised and dreamy.

Tim says he feels tenderly towards me. He wants to treat me like a lady. My body was shaking after. Why I would wait until marriage to have sex is because I want to prove something. I want to be able to say, I waited. I want to wear a white dress honestly. And most of all, I don't want to steal from our marriage.
Lord, please help!

End of Part One

Find out if we made it to the wedding night in Part Two of Book of Romance. Available soon as E-book.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

7 Months Dating Anniversary

8 July 2002

7 Months today! Yay!
And O, I love him so dearly! I wish I could buy him a nice present. Lord, please give me money, lots, one day so I can buy the greatest gifts for the people I love.

Tonight I remembered something that I don't think I have recorded in this book. Tim knows I like swinging and on two occasions, he took me to a park and pushed me on a swing. He is very romantic. I know things have happened that I have nor recorded. I've written less and less; maybe because it's almost the end of the book and I need another one. I don't know when I'll get a new book so I write little. But I want to keep recording because it's special.