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This blog is a copy of the journal I kept while dating my husband Timothy Kieswetter. Each entry is precisely what I wrote as a newly in-love 20 year old. I invite you to view my journey because it's beautiful.

Monday, 1 October 2012

The Beginning as told in April 2002

10 April 2002

I feel seeing as I did not start this book until January, it is necessary to tell some things of the beginning of this wonderful and Godly romance!

We met on the 22nd October 2001 at Nicole's 18th birthday held at Magnolia Dell. I had not been at the party long, made a paper plate Birthday card for Nicole and I went to give it to her when I saw Tim. He was standing with Charl and Riaan but it was very dark. I didn't see any of them very clearly. Nicole introduced me and we chatted for a while about Theologos. My antennae for possible husband material had just recently fallen off. I was no longer searching. I was at peace and trusting God.

I was interested in what Timothy was saying. He spoke about the Tabernacle and I remember being impressed but polite. When he told me about his theory of love, I became excited and shared mine but got shot down. :) He was right. I had made Eros love an evil, ungodly thing and Tim said God made ALL love good including Eros! The world had perverted love. He said he felt sorry for my husband with me having that viewpoint :) [To read our two Theories of Love in detail, see Timothy's blog

Anyway, I like a guy who has a Theory of Love and I was drawn to his obvious Godly character and I sensed he was attracted to me too :) When it began to rain, I hoped that that was not going to be the end of the evening and quickly went over to ask him if he was going to Nicole's house. He was! I prayed with Keren in the car that God's will would be done. Both Keren and I were impressed with Timothy.

At Nicole's, I wanted to impress too, so although it was cold, I took my jersey off so that Tim could see my figure better :) (confession). I felt him watching me at the table and I took peaks at him too. I joked and he laughed. But we wanted to talk alone and we got a chance later. I spoke about Joshua Harris' book 'I kissed dating goodbye'. He talked about Judas Iscariot and lots of other things but I think I was too self-conscious to listen.

I dropped a hint that my brother Joshua was doing a musical 'Jesu' at the State Theatre never imagining that he would actually say that he would like to go with me! I was thrilled!
Keren said I mustn't ask for his phone number and I kinda promised but when he walked me to the car quietly and quite serious, I got worried and asked his number "to let him know about Jesu". He did better than that and gave me his business card! A bit impersonal I thought but later he said that he doesn't give it to many people.

I felt like hugging him but I didn't.

I could hardly sleep that night. I felt it had been a momentous night. And as it turns out...
it was!

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