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This blog is a copy of the journal I kept while dating my husband Timothy Kieswetter. Each entry is precisely what I wrote as a newly in-love 20 year old. I invite you to view my journey because it's beautiful.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Stunning time together!

20 May 2002

Wow, wow, wow! :) Friday night and Sunday night with Timothy was absolutely stunning! We had the most excellent talks. Friday night, I reassured Tim that I love him only and Sunday night, he said the most stunning things to me. We talked openly and honestly. We laughed a lot and then kissed majorly! Dit was baie lekker!

He said that he would ask me to marry him! I am so in love with this man!

We talked about how I view his ministry. I even said: "I know it's going to be very big!" But he really desires for me and needs me to view it as big now! Otherwise I will pull him down to where I see his ministry instead of supporting him and encouraging him higher. This revelation quite upset me because I so badly want to be his biggest supporter! I will from now on!

Also, we discussed the different churches Doxa Deo and Lewende Woord. Funny how I prefer Doxa and Tim prefers Lewende Woord. Same as mom and dad! But we don't want to end up going to different churches. So I have agreed to go with him to Lewende Woord, although I'll miss Doxa a lot!

He told me that over the last few days, his love and desire for me has really grown. He can't stand to be away from me for too long! This means the world to me. I love hearing that!
We just have to work on our self-control. I'm not ready for sex but I think about it a lot and so does he. And that's the first step towards doing it. We said that our love for God keeps us from going all the way.
I hope we love God enough!

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